About Us

What We Do

We are a boutique asset management firm focused on delivering outstanding returns to our

clients regardless of market conditions.  Our flagship offering is a multi-strategy fund designed

to offer what we feel is an ideal “all season” portfolio.  It’s comprised of a variety of investments,

tailored to generate revenues or appreciation in Expansionary or Recessionary and Inflationary

or Deflationary economic environments.   By taking a pragmatic approach to investing, we believe

we can deliver outsized risk adjusted returns in up down or sideways markets.


Founding Principles

Diversified Capital Management was founded on the principal of being different from the Status

Quo.  This endeavor was launched like many other endeavors; we saw very real problems with

how the wealth management business was run.   Particularly in regards to how investor money

was managed in a way that seemed to incentivize excessive risks and didn’t appear to have any

real plan for when an investment didn’t work out.  Of course such investing ultimately leaves

clients holding the bag if and when investments fail.  We believe we can do a better job, both for our

investors and the investment professional community.



As you might guess, our mission is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns compared to what

can be found in traditional benchmark investments.  We pay special attention to the risk side of

the equation, that’s why since inception our volatility is amongst the lowest in the industry.

In addition to providing the best investment offerings in the business, we expect to have the

best service in the industry as well.  We treat our customers like we’d expect to be treated and

we treat their investments like they’re our own.  That’s why our capital is always on the

line right next to theirs.




Pragmatism always trumps idealism.  Despite the bull-market since 2009, at DCM we have not

forgotten that markets do in fact trade down.  It will forever be a part of our philosophy to have a

risk-management plan in place for recessionary & deflationary market environments.  That’s why

our portfolio always generates substantial revenues even when the assets it holds are depreciating.